Spawn of Cyclops Con 2021

Thanks for visiting the Smoking Wyrm during your Spawn of Cyclops Con 2021 experience! Tales from the Smoking Wyrm is a fanzine dedicated to the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG specifically, and Old School Renaissance style gaming in general. After playing in a session of DCC at Gary Con X in 2018, our creators tossed around a few ideas to fix what they saw as some gaps in the rules; this was the germ of the idea that, almost two years later, led to the creation of the Wyrm. With two issues under our belt, and very close to releasing a Kickstarter for our third, we think we are well on our way to providing you with a great collection of material you can use in any of your games, not just DCC!

As thanks for visiting us, we have a few specials items for you! First, you can check out some of the content from our first issue with our free Cyclops Con Special PDF. We also have some Spawn of Cyclops Con discounts available for a limited time for the complete versions of our first two issues at DriveThruRPG. Through March 14th, both PDFs can be had 30% off!

Finally, the Goodman Games online store still has copies available of our original limited run high-quality print editions for both issues #1 and #2 as well. Through the end of February, just use the coupon code ZINESCENE2021 when checking out from the Goodman Games online store, and receive 10% off your Tales from the Smoking Wyrm purchase, as well any other zines in your cart!