FREE Troll Character Sheets

Free Troll Character Sheets!!

Tales from the Smoking Wyrm issue 4 features really great new character class–trolls! Combining mutations from Mutant Crawl Classics, and some new mechanics unique to trolls, we have organized trolls as three sub-classes–jotnar, huldrefolk, and risi.

Each troll is truly unique, even though they work from the three sub-classes mentioned previously. With random physical and mental mutations, along with defects (including some new ones in issue 4), we feel we have captured the essence of trolls, although we might have some more in store for this cool class in future issues of the Smoking Wyrm (spoiler: patrons).

In order to capture the unique aspects of the troll–we made new character sheet! You can download the character sheet here!

Need the full troll rules so you can really breathe life into your troll character? You can find issue 4 of Tales from the Smoking Wyrm at the Goodman Games website!