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FREE Troll Character Sheets

Free Troll Character Sheets!!

Tales from the Smoking Wyrm issue 4 features really great new character class–trolls! Combining mutations from Mutant Crawl Classics, and some new mechanics unique to trolls, we have organized trolls as three sub-classes–jotnar, huldrefolk, and risi.

Each troll is truly unique, even though they work from the three sub-classes mentioned previously. With random physical and mental

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Issue #5 Kickstarter now LIVE!!!

That’s right—Issue #5 of Tales from the Smoking Wyrm is now live on Kickstarter! Back now to guarantee your copy, and follow along as we head towards getting the the latest version into your dice-rolling hands!

  • Beastmaster Class—You lived the dream in your youth—the ability to connect to beasts of all sorts and work with them. Now, live
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Tales from the Smoking Wyrm Issue #2 now available!

Tales from the Smoking Wyrm, a DCC fanzine, returns with a second issue of hand-crafted articles, comics, and puzzles for DCC fans of all ages!
The Wyrm is big fan of gaming zines of all stripes, and we hope to bring you the same high quality content for a DCC audience! Our second issue contains 7 features, usable by players and judges alike! Read more

Patrons: King of Beasts

Following on the heels (flippers?) of Cthulhu’s appearance as a patron in issue #1, Tales from the Smoking Wyrm issue #2 brings you another patron: The King of Beasts!

The King of Beasts is at once a noble lion and a nimble hare, a fearsome serpent and a flighty crow. He watches over all animals of flesh and bone that

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