Smoking Wyrm Monograph Issue #2 Kickstarter now LIVE!!!



That’s right—Volume 1, number 2 of Smoking Wyrm Monograph, featuring the short adventure The Hangman’s Garden, is now live on Kickstarter. Back now to guarantee your copy!

The art for The Hangman’s Garden is done entirely by Jae Tanaka, and he did an amazing job—check out some of these wonderful illustrations:

Jae’s illustrations are brought to life for players with tarot-sized adversary cards, which come with the physical adventure when you purchase it:

This Kickstarter also features some of our coolest add-ons to date: 3D sculpted miniatures! Ken Robkin joined our project to really bring Jae ‘s illustrations to 3D life! During the Kickstarter, you can purchase these miniatures as physical add-ons, and we will print them for you. These 3D miniatures will be available on after the rewards are fulfilled.

3D wrap-around of the Spirits of Guilt.

3D wrap-around of the Spiny Lion.

3D wrap-around of the Spike Monkeys.

3D wrap-around of Sheriff Volkun.

3D wrap-around of The Hangman.

3D wrap-around of the Bowel-less Dead.

3D wrap-around of the Bowel-Eater Bird.

You can find The Hangman’s Garden at Goodman Games post-Kickstarter, where physical copies of the issue can be purchased.