Issue #5 Kickstarter now LIVE!!!

That’s right—Issue #5 of Tales from the Smoking Wyrm is now live on Kickstarter! Back now to guarantee your copy, and follow along as we head towards getting the the latest version into your dice-rolling hands!

  • Beastmaster Class—You lived the dream in your youth—the ability to connect to beasts of all sorts and work with them. Now, live that dream in this well-rounded character class! Stare down a ravenous bear, befriend a silky panther, and spend a little time hunting for treasure with some weasel friends! Want to play the beastmaster? Don’t forget the beastmaster character class double-sided character sheet in the add-ons!
  • Patron Missions: Dor Nyvs—Nick Baran asked, and we delivered! Seven great Dor Nyvs patron missions, ready for your adherent to carry out as they ask for greater power from this behemoth from the plane of earth! Complete with details for the judge, and rewards for the player!
  • Cullpepper’s Herbal—More herbs for your game!  This time, we feature two herbs: Amaranthus and Anemone. Make the most of the wilderness you travel through!
  • Organizations: The True Power of Organizations in Roleplaying Games—We continue our series devoted to DCC organizations with a short essay to discuss how organizations can function as movers and shakers in your game, tying together community and society.
  • Organizations: The School of the Tree—An entire organization devoted to cutting things with (and trying not to be cut by) really big swords. What could go wrong?
  • Cthulhu Idols—Idols are amongst the most iconic of items in H. P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu. In this article, we provide rules for making them truly align with the DCC stars—with motivations, and a few nifty powers of their own to drive the most wary of adventurers a little mad.
  • Onward Retainer, starring the Legion—The fifth installment of our adventuring comic in an old school style, brought to you by Joel Phillips! Tension mounts for our plucky band in this 3-page installment!
  • Smoking Wyrm Luck Tokens—We finish out our 4-issue build up and summarize all our Luck tokens in one single article.
  • Wyrm Words—A word puzzle of all the Gygaxian words in the fifth issue—this way, a definition is never in doubt! Also included are the answers to the Issue #4’s Wyrm Words.

Speaking of dice rolling—we have long held the belief that good dice need a good, safe, resting place when not in use. Further, we have also supported the idea of fleeting Luck in DCC in general.  Now, bringing both these ideas together, we give you the final step in our special luck token series, exclusive to this Kickstarter, the Smoking Wyrm Dice Bag (patches not included)!

The Smoking Wyrm dice bag is 8 inches high, 8 inches in diameter, and features a flat bottom for easy sitting action. This bag I meant to be opened at the table, and used by all. And just like your favorite jean jacket from high school, the bag is made of a sturdy canvas exterior that holds patches well—your opportunity to fill that beautiful blank canvas with all the DCC patch swag you can muster. Or, if you wish to scream out your devotion to all things prog rock, add some RUSH flair to let the world know “we will not go quiet into the night“. 

The bag takes magnetic buttons also (notice the Queen City Cabal button—yep, magnets). The drawstring fully closes on all but the largest collection of both dice and Luck tokens, like a bodyguard keeps fans from Neil Peart. What can you hold in this yawning portal of the dark gods? Well…

As you can see, this dice bag has a maw like a sandworm on steroids. There are over 130 Luck tokens, and 200 dice in the bag above, and it is barely 2 inches full! In most states, this could be considered a deadly weapon when fully loaded and ready for carry to the best damn gaming nights you have yet to live through.

Oh, and notice the partition?  This bag is designed for two different items—we designed it for Luck tokens and dice, but hey! Who are we to limit your imagination as to what will fit in there???

Whatever you do, though, if you want one of these masterful bags of perfection, you will need to act fast—they are ONLY available on our this Kickstarter, are literally hand-made to order, and will not come again.