Tales from the Smoking Wyrm Issue #3 now available!

Tales from the Smoking Wyrm #3 cover art

Tales from the Smoking Wyrm #3

Tales from the Smoking Wyrm, a DCC fanzine, returns with our third issue of hand-crafted articles, comics, and puzzles for DCC fans of all ages! The Wyrm is big fan of gaming zines of all stripes, and we hope to bring you the same high quality content for a DCC audience!

Issue #3 contains 8 features, usable by players and judges alike!

  • Dor Nyvs—A new elemental patron, and one of the most down-to-earth you’ll ever meet!
  • Rites & Rituals, Part III—In this third and final part of the series, we touch on how to integrate rituals in your game, and include rituals on crafting homunculi and launching your lands skyward
  • The Tentacular—A new beast that will strike terror into the heart of adventurers! Or make them want to cuddle with it…
  • Tentacular Kin—A throwback inspiration all the way to The Dungeoneer #2, updated for DCC!
  • You Too Can Gongfarm!—An easy way for opening up occupations to all races.
  • Culpepper’s Herbal—Black, Red, and Death’s Head Agaric: Three new fungi to help keep adventurers alive
  • Onward Retainer—The third installment of an adventuring comic in the old school style, starring The Legion
  • Wyrm Words—A word find puzzle of all the Gygaxian words in this issue—this way, a definition is never in doubt!

The limited edition of the third issue is now available at the Goodman Games web store, and PDF and print-on-demand versions are now available at  DriveThruRPG.com